Is Superman About to Become a Super-Dad?

Expecting a baby is always thrilling news and this is certainly true for 's Henry Cavill and his girlfriend Natalie.

Interacting with

Fans have been buzzing on platforms expressing their excitement for the actor. The general consensus is that the “Man of Steel” will make a wonderful father.


Not only is Natalie about to become a mother, but she is also a successful career woman. She holds a high-ranking position as the Vice President of the esteemed Vertigo Entertainment production company, based in .

As for Henry Cavill, his love for his craft and his dedication to fitness is well-known. A throwback to 2017 has him quoted in Men's Health expressing his desire to become a father. He emphasized being fit and healthy not just for himself, but for his future children as well.

Announcement and Appearance

The couple chose to share their happy news with the world at the premiere of the movie, “The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare” in New York. Following the event, the soon-to-be-parents were spotted leaving the Whitby Hotel in New York City the next morning.

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Natalie's choice of attire was classy yet comfortable – high-waisted black trousers complimented by a crisp white shirt and a black jacket. Cavill contrasted his partner's monochrome ensemble with a cream-colored sweater and black slacks. Adding a touch of fun to his look, he sported an olive green hat, black sunglasses, and brown shoes.

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