Drake Bell and Janet Von’s Secret Marriage: Revealed

Step into the quiet lives of Drake Bell and Janet Von Schmeling, the actor couple that made headlines when they secretly tied the knot in 2018.

Janet has made her presence known in the acting industry with appearances in popular shows such as ‘Painting Autumn', ‘Just Jenna', and ‘How to Survive High School'. The couple welcomed a son into their , with his name kept under wraps.

Marital Struggles

In 2023, Janet initiated a from Drake. She cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason and is now seeking primary legal and physical custody of their son. During the early months of 2023, the couple had already begun living separately.

Following the breakup, Janet relocated to Florida along with their son. Despite the tumultuous circumstances, an anonymous source has confirmed that both Drake and Janet are committed to maintaining a harmonious co- for their son's wellbeing.

Personal Issues

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Drake, on a personal note, is described as an exceptional father when he is healthy and sober. However, the need for him to concentrate on his wellbeing is recognized by those around him. A surprising event occurred in April 2023 when Drake was reported missing only to be found unharmed in Orange County the very next day.

The lives of Drake and Janet serve as a reminder that even in the glittering world of , struggles and challenges are a part of life.

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