Discover the Unseen Life of Danielle Colby from American Pickers

Danielle Colby, prominent figure of American Pickers, is making waves with her impressive physique, showcased in a vintage burlesque costume.

The costume, worn by Danielle, originates from the 1890s and was previously donned by Lillie Langtry for her role in Cleopatra in Paris. This distinctive attire features a gold bodysuit that accentuates her tattoos. She complements her look with a multi-colored cape in shades of blue, white, and gold.

A sneak peek into Danielle's personal Instagram

Recently, Danielle shared a video on to promote her OnlyFans account. In the clip, she's seen clad in striking black lingerie, dancing underneath a gold disco ball.

Inside Danielle's recent nuptials

Last month, Danielle tied the knot and the ceremony was nothing short of a fairytale. She shared glimpses of the special day through a series of and videos. On her big day, Danielle was seen in a sparkly nude dress, further adorned with a 1920s-inspired headpiece. Her partner, on the other hand, chose to keep his attire simple yet elegant in a white long-sleeved shirt paired with shorts.

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The couple was also captured sharing a dance on a large platform, with sparklers lighting up the background, adding to the enchantment of the day.

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