Discover the World’s Most Valuable Action Figures

For the serious collectors out there and the curious novices alike, a peek into the world of action figures reveals a treasure trove of valuable items. Allow us to present you with a list of 20 such figures, whose worth might surprise you.

1. G.I. Joe Eel V1 Variant

With its original price of ,176.00, the G.I. Joe Eel V1 Variant is a rare find indeed. Notably, it boasts tight joints and reproduction parts. Even more interesting, their vehicles too often command high prices.

2. MOTU Megator

Coming in at number four on the list, the MOTU Megator is a rarity. This figure, larger than most, and distinguished by its realistic design, was sold for a whopping ,500 in used condition, plus a shipping fee of .

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3. Jawa Vinyl Cape Variant

The elusive Jawa Vinyl Cape Variant is a surprise to many, as 99% of these figures were sold with a cloth, hooded robe. This variant is now on the market for ,100.


Released late in the production cycle with a limited quantity made, the THUNDERWINGS LION-O figure is a hidden gem. Most collectors are unaware of its significant value, which stands at a market price of ,599.


The LILI LEDY HAN SOLO BESPIN is the rarest of the bunch. Made exclusively for the Mexican market, this figure's value comes from its unique belt and buckle. Priced at ,644, it could fetch up to ,000 in pristine condition.

As a fervent collector, we hope that this insight into the value of certain action figures not only educates but also fuels your passion. To the uninitiated, we trust this serves as a nudge towards exploring this fascinating world.

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The intriguing world of toy collection extends beyond just action figures. For instance, one collector managed to sell his collection of 90's Tamagotchi toys for a remarkable sum. Even a vintage toy found in a thrift store turned out to be a hidden treasure. This underlines the notion that not recognizing a character or a line of figures is a common pitfall, but with the right knowledge, one could turn thrift shop browsing into a gold mine.

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