Discover the North Carolina Mansion Transformed from Ruin to Radiance

A gripping tale of awaits. Abby and Troy Brothers, an ambitious couple, turned an abandoned mansion into a stunning home.

The House of Chronicles

North Carolina is home to a mansion with its history deeply etched into its walls. The house, initially built in 1913, was an establishment of the Page family. The Pages were affluent industrialists who played a significant role in founding towns across the state. For over 30 years, the six-bedroom house was neglected and left to a state of extreme dilapidation.

Unearthing the Potential

Despite the mansion's deteriorated condition, Abby and Troy Brothers perceived a silver lining. The couple was particularly drawn to the house's historical elements, such as the century-old wooden floors that held a promise of grandeur.

The Transformation

The couple took it upon themselves to revive the mansion, injecting a total of ,000 into the renovations. Now, the house brims with life and is valued at an impressive ,000. The couple shares this haven with their child and pets, having no intentions of ever leaving.

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Renovation Journey

The Brothers shared their journey with the world. A peek into their (@turningthepagemansion) gives audiences a sweeping view of the transformation, showcasing before and after photos of the rooms.

A Hollywood Connection

The mansion also has an unexpected connection to the silver screen. As it turns out, it was used as a movie set for the film “Mint Julep”. Even with this star-studded history and the significant value added, the couple has plans to keep the house in the family, vowing to pass it down to their children.

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