Shock as Hip-hop Kingpin C-Knight Passes Away From Diabetes Complications

The hip-hop world mourns the loss of Arnez Blount, known in the industry as C-Knight from the California-based group Dove Shack.

Blount's was a result of complications from diabetes. The rapper was hospitalized on October 18, as he had dangerously high blood sugar levels. Sadly, he was removed from life support on the following Tuesday.

Dove Shack and C-Knight's Legacy

Dove Shack was composed of three members, namely C Knight, Bo-Roc, and 2Scoops. They may have only released two records during their , but their debut album, “This Is the Shack”, which was launched in 1996, gained instant success.

Blount's Health Issues

During his hospital stay, C-Knight was subjected to dialysis treatment. Regrettably, he suffered a stroke and cardiac arrest during the procedure. Although the doctors managed to revive him, there were no indications of improvement.

Despite the grim diagnosis, the rapper's remained optimistic, hoping for a sign of recovery. An MRI was scheduled to examine if there was any remaining brain activity.

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