Apple’s Unexpected Store Closures: Is Your City Affected?

Apple has made the unexpected move to shut down all its stores for one day in November, a decision that will impact its customers across the country. This is a significant event considering the magnitude of the company's operation with 272 outlets across the nation.

Store Closures on Thanksgiving Day

Apple has picked Thanksgiving, on November 23, as the day to close their doors. It's one of the rare occasions in the year when all their stores will be shuttered. The only other days when Apple follows this practice are on Easter Sunday and Christmas Day.

Special Announcement: The New iPhone 15

Amid these scheduling adjustments, Apple introduced the new iPhone 15 in September, continuing to innovate and push the boundaries of modern .

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Black Friday Following the Closure

While the might disrupt some plans, Apple stores will be back in operation the very next day, just in time for the rush of Black Friday sales. It's worth noting that many outlets will be opening their doors earlier than usual to accommodate the frenzy.

Other Retailers Joining the Closure

Apple isn't alone in its decision to close on Thanksgiving. Many of the big-name grocers will also be closed in honor of the holiday. , in particular, is giving its employees the day off, a trend they have maintained since 2020.

Some Retailers Remain Open

Although many businesses will be closed, there are a few that will remain open on Thanksgiving. Kroger, as the country's largest grocery chain, will be operating on a reduced schedule. will follow a similar pattern, adjusting their usual hours for the holiday. For those planning to visit these establishments, it's recommended to call their local stores in advance.

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Best Buy Black Friday Sale

For those hunting for bargains, Best Buy is launching a massive Black Friday sale, offering up to 50% off on some items, a potential boon for holiday shoppers.

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