End of an Era: RadioShack’s Beloved Baraboo Branch Closes

RadioShack's popular Baraboo branch announces its , marking the end of a near-decade run. This news has left local enthusiasts and customers disheartened.

Store Closure Announcement

Store proprietors, PJ and Nicole Kruschel, made their announcement of closing down the establishment after an unsuccessful search for a new owner that lasted over eight months.

Final Sale Event

Starting from April 29 and lasting till June 1, a grand event will take place. The aim is to clear all remaining stock and over the course of this event, product prices will drop progressively.

After-Sale Services

Despite the sale being final, customers can rest assured that their product warranties and repairs will continue to be valid and addressed at the company's Lake Delton location.

RadioShack: A Global Icon

At its zenith, RadioShack operated an impressive network of 8,000 stores worldwide, offering a diverse range of products including computer and audio parts.

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Unfortunately, General Wireless, the then-owner, declared in 2017, resulting in the closure of almost all US stores.

The Current Scenario

Since 1998, the majority stake in RadioShack has been held by the Unicomer Group, which continues to manage franchises across South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. Their aim had always been to expand the business across numerous territories, while simultaneously offering a variety of products at competitive prices.

Industry Changes

Best Buy CEO, Corie Barry, during a 2023 earnings call acknowledged the changing landscape of the industry and emphasised on the need for adaptability in such times.

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