Discover Ashley Graham’s Stance on the Body Positivity Debate

If you're looking for body positivity inspiration, Ashley Graham's recent from Mexico might just be your next obsession. This renowned has once again unapologetically flaunted her figure in an array of swimsuits, proving that every body is beach ready.

Recently, Graham took some time off to unwind at the luxurious Nobu Hotel Los Cabos in Mexico. She gave her and followers a glimpse into her vacation days by sharing a series of photos from the beautiful resort.

Ashley Graham’s Swimwear Style

Known for her bold and unfiltered personality, Graham didn't shy away from showcasing her fantastic swimwear collection. The model proudly sported a tight yellow bikini and a green one-piece, even adding a whimsical touch with a straw hat. That's not all; she also made a statement in a chic black zipper jumpsuit.

These photos weren't just about showing off Graham's sense but also her unwavering advocacy for body positivity. She takes pride in her body, refusing to hide features like cellulite – an element that many try to cover up.

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Talking About Body Positivity

During her vacation, Graham took the body positivity conversation a step further. She recorded a video saying, “I'm Ashley Graham. Of course, I have cellulite, and I'm not afraid to talk about it.” The model encourages acceptance and self-love, urging everyone to embrace their bodies just as they are.

Graham’s Skincare Routine

Not only is Graham an advocate for body positivity but she's also pretty transparent about her skincare routine. She recently posted a fresh-faced selfie after a facial with Mzia Shiman, a renowned skincare expert. While posing in a black bra and underwear set, she sang praises of the skincare specialist. This openness about skincare is just another way Graham empowers women by promoting self-care and acceptance.

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