Is Lizzo Quitting Music Forever? Fans Shocked by Her Latest Statement!

There's a potential shake-up in the industry – Lizzo, renowned for her music that empowers, hinted at a possible departure from the world of melody and rhythm.

The Grammy Award-winner is well known for promoting messages of self-love and . Her album ‘Cuz I Love You', released in 2019, skyrocketed her to mainstream success.

A Change of Heart?

Apparently, the singer-songwriter is fed up with the negative judgement from people in her life and those lurking in the digital world. She sadly reported that lies were being propagated about her for clout and views. Lizzo also shared how she's been a of mockery due to her appearance and felt disrespected by those who don't even know her personally.

The artist expressed a simple desire: to create music and bring a positive influence to the world. Yet, the negative aspects seem to be taking a toll on her enthusiasm.

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A Bold Sign-Off

Her frustration reached a boiling point as she finished her social media statement with a dramatic “I didn't sign up for this sh*t. I QUIT!” This explicit statement sparked a flurry of reactions from and critics alike.

Personal Life Highlight

On a more positive note, Lizzo began 2022 by confirming her with Myke Wright. Wright, a talented individual who wears the hats of a comedian, actor, and musician, has been in Lizzo's circle since at least 2016. The two had co-hosted MTV's music series Wonderland, marking their first professional collaboration.

The future of Lizzo's musical journey remains uncertain, but her influence on the industry is indisputable. Whether she continues to make music or chooses a different path, her message of empowerment will continue to resonate.

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