Did You Know Rico Rodriguez Earned ,000 per Episode in Modern Family?

Rico Rodriguez, known for his role as Manny Delgado in the acclaimed TV show Modern , has been in the limelight since he was just eleven. Over the years, he has not only grown as an actor but has also managed to maintain strong bonds with his co-stars.

Rico’s Early Career

Rico Rodriguez began his journey on Modern Family, portraying the character of Manny Delgado. His on-screen mother, Gloria, was played by the stunning Sofia Vergara. The show, which started in 2009, continued until 2020, with Rico being a part of it from start to finish.

Rico’s Rise in Pay

With time, Rico's prominence on the show increased, reflected in his pay. By the final season, he was reportedly pulling in a hefty ,000 per episode, marking a significant achievement in his acting .

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Rico’s Expanding Career

Today, Rico, 25, has branched out beyond Modern Family, appearing in various films and TV series. His talent for voice-over work is noteworthy, with roles in children's favorites such as The Lion Guard and Sneaks.

Rico’s Wrestling Enthusiasm

Rico’s Bond with Sofia Vergara

Rico and Sofia Vergara, his on-screen mother, share a strong and enduring bond. This was made more evident when he appeared as a surprise guest on the season finale of America's Got Talent, a talent competition show where Sofia is a judge.

Surprise Guest Appearance

During this guest appearance, Rico partook in a magic trick performed by magicians Mat Franco and Dustin Tavella. Tavella later emerged as the winner of the competition. Rico shared his joy and appreciation for this unexpected appearance on his account, emphasizing his with Sofia.

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