Did Gwen Stefani Ditch Husband Blake Shelton for Makeup on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day took a different turn for as she took the spotlight alone at a recent event, leaving husband Blake Shelton behind. The occasion was no ordinary celebration, but a salute to Stefani's GXVE 's unique Valentine's Day product line.

A Unique Valentine’s Day Message

A peculiar phrase echoed at the event as Stefani and were caught saying, “Girls don't want flowers for Valentine's Day…We want cows.” Interestingly, the word “cows” was later swapped with “makeup” in the video text, a playful nod to the brand's must-have makeup items for the love holiday.

A Special Treat for Fans

A few lucky fans received more than just makeup. These fans received flower bouquets from the couple, and the joy was palpable. They documented the unboxing experience and expressed their heartfelt thanks through social media posts.

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Stefani and Shelton: Amidst Rumours and Separation

In recent weeks, there have been whispers about Stefani and Shelton's , due in part to their noticeable time apart. Their respective professional commitments seem to have driven a wedge between them. Blake is engrossed in preparations for his forthcoming “Back to the Honky Tonk” tour. On the other hand, Gwen is gearing up to perform at the 2024 Minnesota Yacht Club Festival and also re-uniting with her band, No Doubt, for a Coachella appearance.

Social Media Concerns

Late in the previous year, fans were taken aback when Stefani appeared to have erased multiple photos featuring Blake from her social media platforms, fueling further about their relationship status.

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