Did Kanye West Just Declare Himself the Greatest Rapper of All Time?

Renowned hip hop artist West has staked his as the preeminent master of rap. In a social media outburst subsequently removed, he directly challenged fellow rappers Drake and Kendrick Lamar.

West boasted of superior performance in their joint ventures, asserting he “washed” both Lamar on “No More Parties in LA” and Drake at the Free Hoover Concert.

His invective appeared to be a retort to Kendrick Lamar's self-reference, alongside Drake and J. Cole, as a current titan of rap, a list from which West felt peculiarly omitted.

His feud with Drake also expanded to include a contention regarding the song “Kiki,” speculated to refer to , West's ex-spouse. In 2021, both rappers traded barbs lyrically on their respective albums, DONDA and Certified Lover Boy.

Remarking on his , West cited his albums, including My Twisted Dark Fantasy, The Life of Pablo, Graduation, and Watch the Thrones. He asserted his unique status as the sole person to return as number one post-cancellation, and insisted that there exists only one GOAT (Greatest of All Time).

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In addition to his music, West pointed to his influence in the fashion sector. He spotlighted his successful partnership with Adidas, despite their decision to dissociate, and highlighted his role in introducing figures like Kim Kardashian, Demna, Virgil, Jerry, and others to the fashion scene.

Despite the disputes, a photograph of both rappers alongside J Prince hinted at potential reconciliation. West also conveyed a wish for solidarity among rappers and advocated for tidying up contracts.

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