You Won’t Believe the Lottery Prizes Left Unclaimed in Illinois

If you are a regular Illinois player, take a moment to double-check your tickets as there are nine lottery prizes totaling ,350,000.

The single largest prize among these unclaimed winnings is a whopping ,200,000. This prize, like all others, is subject to the Illinois Lottery rules which state that all prizes not claimed within a year from the draw date will expire.

Lucky Day Lotto Unclaimed Prizes

The Lucky Day Lotto, a popular game from the Illinois Lottery, has two unclaimed tickets worth noting. The first unclaimed ticket, worth the substantial sum of ,200,000, was purchased at the Jewel food store located on N. Ashland Ave in Chicago. The second prize from this lottery game, bought at Jewel on Cottage Grove Ave in Chicago, remains unclaimed as well.

Unclaimed Powerball Tickets

There are also significant unclaimed prizes from the lottery game. One such ticket, with winnings of ,000,000, was bought at OM Chicago Heights Oil on Dixie Hwy. There's also another Powerball ticket from Road Ranger in Loves Park that scored a smaller but still sizable prize of ,000.

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List of Locations with Unclaimed Prizes

Unclaimed prizes are scattered across various locations, with tickets bought from places like Express Lane, Torrence BP, Fairplay Finer Foods, Kostner Korner, and Bellwood Mobil all holding unclaimed winnings.

It's not just Illinois where lottery prizes go unclaimed. A ticket for a Mega Millions draw, sold at Caba Grocery store in Perth Amboy, is also waiting for its rightful owner.

Please note: Lottery play should always be responsible. For anyone grappling with gambling , help is available via the National Gambling Hotline or the website of the National Council on Problem Gambling.

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