Recent speculations around the possible of seem to have received a reaction from the star herself. Striking a pose with her favorite beverage, Kendall Jenner has fueled the discussion further.

Rumors and Reactions

A picture posted by Kendall, featuring her holding a glass of wine, has raised eyebrows among her followers. Captioned “me and my wine again”, this post has led many to believe it's her way of responding to the circulating pregnancy rumors. Some fans were quick to see a hint of a baby bump in previous pictures, attributing this to an optical illusion caused by the photo's angle, and a person standing behind her.

Personal Life

The rumors come amid Kendall's alleged with Bad Bunny. The pair first sparked dating rumors in February 2023, and a month later, they were caught kissing, further solidifying the rumors.

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Professional Achievements

In the professional realm, Kendall has been making waves as well. She received a spot on Forbes 30 Under 30's Class of 2024, a recognition that her mother, Kris, takes immense pride in.

Critics and the 30 Under 30 List

On the other hand, Kendall's inclusion in the 30 Under 30 list has not been without . Certain critics and fans have raised questions about whether it's fair for like her to be on the list. They argue that such celebrities leverage their fame to join already thriving businesses, thus lacking the true entrepreneurial spirit that the list celebrates.

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