You Won’t Believe How Kim Kardashian Goes All Out for the Holidays!

As the holiday season approaches, leaves no stone unturned to make her m as festive as possible. This year, she's even engaged a Grammy-nominated professional on her team.

The Grammy Nominated Professional

The star has recruited Philip Cornish, a Grammy-nominated producer, as a professional piano player for the season. It's worth noting that this isn't a first for Kim, as Cornish's piano mastery has graced her home two years ago.

Inside the Kardashian Mansion

Kim Kardashian doesn't hold back on the decorations. She's brought 15 large frosted Christmas trees reaching right up to the ceiling. The trees are not just grand in size but also dazzling and twinkling, adding magic to the holiday spirit. The living room, adorned in all white, manifests a dreamy winter wonderland.

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Decorations beyond the Mansion Walls

The holiday decorations don't stop at the interior. Kim's driveway is also filled with festive cheer, with bushes and shrubs drenched in white lights. This theme, reminiscent of the previous year's decorations, extends the winter wonderland feel beyond the mansion walls.

Fans’ Mixed Reviews

While Kim's efforts to create a festive environment are commendable, some have been critical of the decorations. The all-white theme has been described as bland by some, with comparisons drawn to a hospital setting. Moreover, others have even compared the large, white decorations to oversized bathroom products, such as large tampons and toilet paper.

Decorative Plants

Kardashian has positioned plants outside her bathroom, stating that they blend beautifully with the decorations. Irrespective of the mixed reviews, it's clear that Kim Kardashian takes her holiday decorations very seriously.

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