Unthinkable Secrets Revealed: Jessica Simpson & the Ex-Kardashian Insider

Jessica Simpson, the renowned , was recently spotted with Joyce Bonelli, the infamous former member of the Kardashian inner circle.

Joyce Bonelli’s Connection to the Kardashians

At one time, Bonelli was intimately intertwined with the ' daily life, being both a trusted friend and the 's makeup artist. Her association came to an abrupt end in 2018, not on amicable terms but due to disagreements in business matters. The feud magnified further when Bonelli chose to work with Caitlyn Jenner, flouting 's explicit disapproval.

Jessica Simpson’s Appearance with Joyce Bonelli

During their recent rendezvous, Simpson made a bold statement. She was seen in a vibrant red dress paired with knee-high black boots. The look was completed by a feather-covered clutch purse, adding an exotic touch to her ensemble.

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Joyce Bonelli’s Personal Life

Apart from her professional tussles, Bonelli has had her fair share of personal issues as well. In 2021, she accused her child's father of parental kidnapping. Interestingly, she also shares three children with her husband Ben Taverniti.

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