Uncover the Surprising Money-making Power of Barbie Dolls

Discover the lucrative world of Barbie doll collecting with Hannah and Ameer, the dynamic duo behind Chicago Barbie Warehouse. This couple has turned a simple interest into a thriving business, making an impressive ,000 in one year from selling dolls.

Interestingly, Hannah and Ameer's journey in this niche started when they purchased a lot of 50 Barbies for their daughters. They soon discovered that some of the older dolls have significant value. Hannah, armed with extensive knowledge of Barbies right from the debut doll introduced in 1959, has steered the business towards remarkable profits.

Key Doll Series

When it comes to reselling Barbies, the couple suggests keeping an eye out for Barbie's Dolls of the World series and reproduction dolls. The Dolls of the World series, initiated in the 1980s, showcases dolls representing different countries. They have successfully sold over 200 of such dolls in their eBay store.

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Reproduction dolls, on the other hand, are remakes of classic dolls. Although hard to come by, these dolls hold their value. The interest in reproduction dolls spiked when actress Margot Robbie donned outfits from the original dolls while promoting the Barbie movie.

Holiday Barbies are another unique collection worthy of attention. Classified as collector's items, these dolls are, unfortunately, not as profitable due to their abundance. The bulky packaging of Holiday Barbies has also been a deterrent as it makes shipping difficult.

Sizable Profits

While Hannah and Ameer's success might seem extraordinary, they aren't the only ones profiting from this venture. Other Barbie brokers have also reported significant earnings. Among them is a high school student who cashed in ,500 in just one month by selling dolls. And then, there's a collector who was willing to spend ,000 in one month for dolls deemed “priceless”.

From parents buying toys for their kids to high school students and even collectors spending thousands on dolls, it's clear that the Barbie doll market presents a vibrant and potentially lucrative opportunity.

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