Warning: You Could Be Losing Out On ,000 Without Knowing!

Missouri is currently home to four lottery prizes totalling ,000, and each of these prizes is worth a whopping ,000. This tidy sum was the result of matching four white balls and the coveted red Powerball in a lottery draw.

Of these four unclaimed prizes, one is of particular concern as the deadline to it is fast approaching. It's set to expire on January 11, creating a sense of urgency among officials and potential claimants alike.

Unravelling the Unclaimed Prizes

The first ticket in this quartet of unclaimed assets is from St. Peters, having been drawn on July 15, 2023. Striking numbers 2, 9, 43, 55, 57, and Powerball 18 was what nailed the ,000 prize for the holder of this ticket.

Next up is the second ticket, drawn on September 30, 2023. It boasts a similar matching streak of numbers, earning its claim to the with 19, 30, 37, 44, 46, and Powerball 22. The deadline to claim the prize for this ticket falls on March 28, 2024.

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The third ticket, purchased in Nevada and drawn on October 7, 2023, follows in the same vein. It hit the streak with numbers 13, 31, 51, 55, 66, and Powerball 23. The prize for this ticket is set to expire on June 10, 2024.

Lastly, we have the fourth ticket from Hayti, drawn on December 13, 2023. This ticket also matched winning streak with numbers 3, 8, 41, 56, 64, and Powerball 18. The deadline to stake a claim for this prize is April 4, 2024.

Claiming the Prizes

To claim these prizes, are advised to get in touch with the Jefferson City Headquarters office or opt for submitting a claim via mail.

Remember, while the thrill of lottery plays can be enticing, it's advised to approach this form of gambling responsibly. If you or someone you know struggles with gambling addiction, there is help available so do not hesitate to seek it.

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