Morgan Wallen’s Ex, Katie Smith, Shocks Fans with Unexpected Wedding!

Former fiancée of Morgan Wallen, Katie ‘KT' Smith, is now married to Luke Scornavacco. Their outfits ignited speculations of plans, which they later confirmed with a photo of a sealed envelope carrying their certificate.

Katie ‘KT’ Smith and Luke Scornavacco’s Wedding

KT and Luke's , which has been public knowledge since May 2023, has taken the next step. The couple was spotted in outfits fitting for the occasion: KT in a lengthy, snowy white dress and Luke complimenting her elegantly in a black ensemble. They confirmed their nuptials by sharing a selfie with a sealed envelope, which contained their marriage certificate, leaving no room for further .

The Proposal

Relationship History

KT's relationship history involves a series of ups and downs with her ex-fiancé, Morgan Wallen. The two had an on-off relationship that spanned from 2016 to 2019. They share a son, Indigo Wilder, born in July 2020, which adds another layer to their complex relationship.

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Co-parenting Struggles and Present Scenario

Co- was not easy initially for the former couple, as KT detailed in her December 2021 blog post on Thot Thoughts. However, time seems to have healed some of their woes. Despite their rocky and toxic past, Morgan and KT appear to have found a way to peaceably co-exist. In a display of this newfound cordiality, KT was seen taking their son, Indigo, to one of Morgan's concerts in March 2022.

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