Shocking Sight: Jessica Lange Now Wheelchair-Bound!

Noted actress, Jessica Lange, wheelchair-bound due to an at a dog park, is nursing her injuries. Spotted in New York City, the 74-year-old was accompanied by her son, Samuel Walker Shepard.

Being the offspring of the late famed actor and director, Sam Shepard, both Samuel and his sister not only share their mother's love for the arts but also her resilience. Jessica, who met Sam Shepard in 1982, spent three decades with him.

Her recent outings also featured a friendly catch-up with Susan Sarandon, who was seen leisurely strolling behind her wheelchair. Despite her current handicap, Jessica Lange's spirit remains undeterred.

Upcoming Work and Views on the Industry

Already on the lineup for a return to television, Jessica is poised to feature in the second installment of Ryan Murphy's Feud series, titled ‘Feud: Capote Vs. the Swans', slated for premiere on January 31.

Renowned for her forthrightness, Jessica has been vocal about her disappointment with the current trends. She has bemoaned the industry's shift of focus from creativity to corporate gains, a fast-paced editing , and discrimination based on .

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She has explicitly stated her lack of interest in comic book movies, fueling speculations about her considering leaving the limelight. Her candid of the industry offers a glimpse into the lesser-known challenges faced by seasoned actors.

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