Millionaire Skate T-Shirts and Comics: Meet the Unexpected Market Movers

Delve into the world of skateboarding , where a t-shirt collection can be valued at a staggering million, and comic books discovered in a basement fetch millions at .

A Brief History of Supreme

Born in the streets of New York City in 1994, Supreme is more than a skateboarding brand. With its famous “box logo” shirts, this brand has carved a niche in the world of fashion.

The Million T-shirt Collection

The crown jewel of Supreme's merchandise is undoubtedly their “box logo” t-shirts. So coveted are these shirts that a complete collection, featuring every box logo t-shirt from the period of 1994 to 2020, was auctioned off at Christie's auction house.

The man behind this incredible collection is James Bogart. In a span of six years, he managed to accumulate this collection, starting with a Damien Hirst box logo shirt he bought in 2015 for just a few hundred dollars. This collection, composed of 253 shirts, embraces not only every -released Supreme shirt, but also an exclusive dozen reserved for special events.

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The worth of some shirts in this collection can reach as high as ,000. This comprehensive collection was valued at a formidable million.

Comic Books That Outprice Gold

Swapping shirts for comic books, another remarkable collection that went under the hammer was excavated from a basement. This trove of comic books was auctioned for a hefty sum of .5 million.

The comic collection featured the crème de la crème of comic books. The highest selling item was an issue of Detective Comics No. 27, the first ever appearance of Batman, which was sold for a remarkable ,000. The collection also featured other notable comics such as Action Comics No. 1 and Batman No. 1 from 1940. These esteemed pieces sold for ,000 and ,000 respectively.

These unique collections serve as a testament to the fact that passion, paired with a keen sense of collection, can yield astounding financial returns. Whether it's Supreme's t-shirts or vintage comic books, these unique items hold a special appeal to collectors, making them valuable beyond their material worth.

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