17-Year-Old Alabama Barker Daunts Critics with Unexpected Fashion Choice

After facing significant over her usual , 17-year-old surprises her audience with an all-black sweatsuit.

Alabama, known for her unique style, is often seen in outfits that are met with disapproval by critics. Most recently, she chose to share a mirror selfie on Instagram wherein she donned an oversized black sweatsuit, her hoodie pulled well over her head.

Public Reaction to Alabama’s Outfits

The public's perception of Alabama's style is split. A fair number of critics have taken it upon themselves to voice their disapproval, deeming her outfits to be “inappropriate,” and questioning the role of her parents in her fashion choices. They suggest that her father, well-known artist Travis Barker, should have more authority over her wardrobe choices.

Others, however, have come to her defense.

  • Many fans have shown their support and admiration for Alabama's bold style, going as far as to compliment her on .
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Not Alabama’s First Encounter with Criticism

This isn't the first instance of Alabama's outfit causing a stir. She has previously faced over her wardrobe choice when she was seen wearing a black corset top paired with black patchwork pants. Yet, she continues to embrace her unique sense of style in spite of ongoing criticism.

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