Leslie Fhima’s Shocking Appearance at Bachelor Stars’ Wedding

The stars of The Golden Bachelor, Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist tied the knot in a live ceremony, with Leslie Fhima stealing the spotlight with her appearance

In a stunning silver one-shoulder dress, Leslie Fhima was observed dirty dancing at the event according to posts on her , even going as far as sharing backstage footage. What made her presence all the more remarkable was that she had recently recovered from an emergency surgery.

has been rife among about Leslie becoming the first Golden Bachelorette, particularly after she wasn't picked by Gerry. This speculation was further fueled by her appearance at the , with some fans even anticipating her to catch the bouquet and consequently be declared the next Bachelorette.

Yet such announcements were conspicuously absent from Leslie's commentary or the ABC network's coverage of the wedding special.

Gerry and Theresa’s Engagement

Let's not forget that Gerry and Theresa's engagement itself was a spectacle that occurred in Costa Rica. Fans of The Golden Bachelor got the chance to witness the proposal during the Season 1 finale of the show.

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Other Attendees and Events

The event wasn't short of other from the show either. Susan Noles, a contestant on the show, stepped up to serve as the officiant of the wedding. Additionally, during an interview at the event, Brayden took the opportunity to propose to his girlfriend, Christina Mandrell.

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