Is Teen Mom’s Cheyenne Floyd Planning for Baby #3? The Clue Her Fans Can’t Ignore

's Cheyenne Floyd sparks speculation on future family expansion with husband Zach Davis. A recent update saw Floyd pondering over the idea of having a third child.

Floyd recently stirred the pot by sharing a social media post that teased fans with a glimpse into her prospective plans. The image featured Floyd with a contemplative expression, paired with an intriguing caption that read, “Dreaming about baby #3.”

When rumors started circulating that Floyd may already be expecting, she quickly put them to rest. In an announcement made in October, she confirmed that she was not expecting a baby at that time.

Family Life

Floyd is already a proud mom to her two children, Ace and Ryder. Ryder is her son from a previous with Cory Wharton. Although there has been speculation of a third child, Floyd has made it clear that she is currently satisfied with her family of four.

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Cory Wharton’s Family

Wharton, Floyd's ex and Ryder's father, also has a family of his own. He is a dad to two children, whom he shares with his current girlfriend, Taylor Selfridge. Despite their past, Floyd and Wharton have maintained a cordial relationship for the sake of their child.

Current Focus

While fans continue to speculate about the potential for a third child, Floyd's attention remains firmly on her present family. She maintains a strong focus on raising her existing children and ensuring their happiness and well-being.

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