Emotional Bieber Backed by Rapper: Hear The Game’s Wisdom

When popstar recently posted emotional on social media, he found a powerful ally in fellow musician, The Game. The rapper, whose real name is Jayceon Taylor, shared his support in no uncertain terms.

The Game Weighs In

The Game was quick to respond to the wave of negative comments that followed Bieber's posts. Asserting that Bieber, like everyone else, is human, he urged people to let the young star show his vulnerability.

Hailey’s Response

Adding a light-hearted touch to the situation, Hailey, Bieber's wife, reacted to her husband's post by commenting: “A pretty crier”.

Bieber and Hailey: A Love Story

Justin and have a history dating back over a decade. They first crossed paths in 2009. Five years later, in November 2014, the dating started to circulate. By February 2016, they made their status official, albeit non-exclusive. However, they had a brief split later that year.

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Their reunion in June 2018 marked the beginning of a whirlwind romance. They got engaged in July of the same year, just one month after rekindling their . Within two more months, they were husband and wife, tying the knot in September.

Physical and Emotional Challenges

Indeed, it has not been all smooth sailing for Bieber. A source close to him verifies that he's wrestling with some personal struggles. However, despite the challenges, one thing is certain: Divorce is not on the table for this couple. Their strong religious beliefs provide a firm foundation for their commitment and marriage.

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