Discover What Happened to Tiffany Haddish at the Super Bowl!

Known for her vibrant persona and warm nature, actress Tiffany Haddish had quite the weekend at the in Las Vegas. Spotted taking selfies with and decidedly in high spirits, her interaction with followers and playful antics were a delight for everyone present.

Haddish's companion

Adding to the intrigue, Haddish was seen in the company of an unknown individual outside none other than the newly-inaugurated .7 billion Fontainebleau Hotel. The identity of this mystery man is yet unknown, sparking various speculations among fans and media.

A navigational hiccup

Her weekend wasn't without a few hiccups though. Navigating through the 67-story building proved a bit more challenging than expected. Reportedly, Haddish had trouble locating two events she was invited to, which resulted in her missing a few scheduled occasions.

Unwavering spirit

Despite these minor setbacks, Haddish didn't let it affect her mood. Her fans got to witness her unwavering spirit as she continued interacting with them despite the missed events.

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The eye-catching attire

Adding to her charismatic presence, Haddish was seen sporting a purple denim sleeveless jumpsuit, coupled with black boots and a chunky silver chain. Her attire further underlined her vibrant personality and undeniably stood out.

Sober and stable

Although she was found partying, Haddish seemed to have upheld her sobriety, following a DUI arrest that she underwent last year. This has even made it into her comedy set at the Laugh Factory club where she made light of the situation.


On the romantic front, Haddish's love life has made some headlines in the recent past. She was last linked to comedian Reggie Watts earlier in 2021. However, the relationship was reported to be more casual than serious. Haddish also ended a relationship with rapper Common in November 2021 and has not publicly been with anyone since.

After their breakup, Haddish expressed that it was Common who chose to end their relationship, a decision she didn't entirely agree with. As fans eagerly wait for more updates, one thing is clear – Tiffany Haddish's charm and spirit are here to stay.

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