Discover the Bagel Revolution – Philadelphia Cream Cheese Says No More Holes!

Philadelphia Cream Cheese is set to appeal to bagel and cream cheese lovers with a novel product twist. Introduced for a limited period, the brand is launching a bagel without the traditional hole in the center.

Addressing an Age-Old Dilemma

Philadelphia Cream Cheese's new product offering comes in response to a key question that has long befuddled cream cheese aficionados. They have often wondered why bagels come with holes in the center when that space could be effectively used for spreading cream cheese.

Introducing Philadelphia Bagel Wholes

This dilemma has led to the creation of Philadelphia Bagel Wholes, a new product that offers an enhanced cream cheese spreading experience. This initiative is also being presented as a strategy to provide customers with more bagel and cream cheese in every bite.

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Availability Across North America

These innovatively designed, hole-less bagels are being offered at five bagel shops that are partnered with Philadelphia Cream Cheese throughout North America. For those who can't make it to these physical outlets, online ordering is available through or St. Viateur's webpage for those in Canada.

More Information on Bagel Wholes

For those seeking additional details about Bagel Wholes, Philadelphia Cream Cheese has set up a dedicated website. The site provides all the necessary information about this new product.

About the Brand

Philadelphia Cream Cheese, a brand that has been part of the Kraft Foods since 1928, became part of a larger conglomerate when Kraft merged with in July 2015. The brand has seen some significant changes over the years, such as Kraft Heinz discontinuing its Real Mayonnaise due to its higher costs relative to demand.

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