Did Kailyn Lowry’s Nanny Just Call Her Out as a Bad Mom on Instagram?

Nanny to Kailyn Lowry, Natalie, lately posted enigmatic messages on . The followers are connecting these messages to a possible disagreement with Lowry.

Social Media Messages Raise Eyebrows

The shared contents by Natalie had an undertone of falsehood, the value of trust, and inadequate . Amid these was a post showing a woman and a child, captioned, “You're a great mom on Facebook. Too bad, in actuality, you're a terrible one.”

The recipient of these posts stays unknown.

Fans’ Assumptions and Lowry’s Reputation

There's a rumor among suggesting that a conflict took place between Natalie and Lowry during a birthday celebration for Natalie's son in December 2020.

Lowry has faced from supporters for what they view as reckless conduct, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lowry’s Growing Family

Lowry is the mother to seven offspring, containing two she acknowledged recently after being the subject of for a long time. Furthermore, she covertly greeted a new son, Rio, into the world in November 2022.

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Her admission of the birth of the twins came after a period of fans' conjecture.

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