Beware! Kourtney Kardashian’s Strict Rule for Newborn’s Safety

In a bid to ensure their newborn's safety and privacy, and have implemented a rigorous ‘invite-only' policy. The couple is said to be overjoyed with their new baby boy, whose birth has yet to be formally announced.

Despite the excitement surrounding the new arrival, Kardashian's sister, Kim, has not had the opportunity to meet the baby. This comes as part of Kourtney and Barker's strategy to gradually introduce their son to members on an individual basis. For the time being, the focus is on maintaining an intimate ‘family-only' environment.

Protection from Germs

One of Kourtney's noteworthy concerns is the protection of her baby from germs. The television star was recently seen leaving the hospital where the birth took place, adding to the speculation that she is prioritizing her son's wellbeing.

A Stressful Pregnancy

The couple's journey to parenthood was not without difficulties. Kourtney's pregnancy was marked by stress and even necessitated an urgent fetal surgery. However, her sense of relief and happiness is now palpable as she expresses her profound gratitude for her medical team, her husband, and her mother through a heartfelt post.

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A Blessing

Despite the unexpected challenges faced during her pregnancy, Kourtney expresses feeling blessed to finally have her son safe in her arms. As the couple continues to relish in their happiness, they remain cautious about the introduction of their baby to the rest of the family and the world.

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