Behind the Glamour: Bieber and Jenner’s Shocking Appearance at Florida University

The Florida International University in Miami recently hosted two well-known supermodels: Hailey Bieber and . The duo created quite a buzz with their stylish appearances and business promotions.

Fashion Statements on Display

Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner made their presence felt in fashionable outfits. Hailey opted for a long-sleeved plaid shirt paired with a black skirt, while Kendall went for more of a business-like look. Their choice of footwear was also notable; Hailey was seen wearing loafers, Kendall chose pointy heels.

Business Promotions

Both supermodels used this opportunity not just to meet fans, but also to promote their respective businesses. They had a skincare line and a liquor brand to introduce to the crowd.

A Warm Welcome

The duo received a warm reception from the university students who showed up in large numbers to cheer them on. They greeted the excited crowd as they made their way onto the stage.

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Controversy Surrounding Hailey Bieber

Some fans, however, had other things on their minds. have been circulating about possible marital issues between Hailey and her husband, Justin Bieber. Triggered by a text conversation in which Hailey is said to have stated that Justin is ‘inconsequential to my existence', fans have been speculating about their status.

Speculations and Suspicions

In the comments section of Hailey's beach vacation with Kendall, fans were asking about Justin's whereabouts. Some even raised suspicions about a possible split between the couple, citing their ‘ shady' as a potential sign.

Denial of Split Theories

Not all fans are convinced about these rumors. Some followers have dismissed the split theories, suggesting that the controversial text message was actually inspired by a phrase from The Real Housewives of Potomac.

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