Attention! Selena Gomez Almost Experienced a Wardrobe Malfunction!

Undeniably, New York City breathes life into , and is seen taking the streets to storm, flaunting a daring ensemble that almost led to an .

Gomez was spotted in an outfit that bore resemblance to one donned before during a night out with her close friend, . This particular attire consisted of a minuscule skirt, black overcoat, a fancy belt, and shiny black pumps to finalize the look. What made her appearance striking was her hairstyle, a neat long ponytail that kept her face clear.

On a similar note, she was seen in a short, snake-skin skirt, pairing it with a matching trenchcoat and thigh-high black leather boots during another girl's night out. Swift on the other hand, opted for a different look, with a green sweater, a small plaid skirt, an oversized green aviator jacket, and knee-high red leather boots.

The attention then shifted to the large silver diamond ring visible on her ring finger. This stirred up speculations among her fans, with some suspecting an engagement. The fans' reactions varied with some under the impression that this might be a promotional gimmick for her upcoming album.

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Concurrently, a picture circulating on the internet hints at Gomez being in a with Benny Blanco, as she is seen cozying up to him, with her head resting on his chest. This news has, in general, been well received by her fans, sparking positive reactions and support for the couple.

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