Are Self-Checkout Machines a Nightmare for Consumers?

One woman has taken to to share her dissatisfaction with machines at stores.

Her main gripe is the expectation for customers to scan their own items when purchasing goods from a store. In her opinion, this is not a task customers should be burdened with.

Despite following the machines' instructions carefully, she encounters frequent errors. In these situations, she is left waiting for a store associate to come and help, which adds to her overall frustration.

She has taken a hardline stance, asserting that consumers are not obligated to do the work of a cashier. Furthermore, she warns that if there is no improvement in the situation she is ready to start pocketing items instead of waiting for assistance.

Support From Social Media

The woman's video about her experiences with self-checkout machines has garnered a lot of support from viewers. Many have echoed her sentiment and shared their own negative experiences with the machines. Some have even stated that they refuse to use self-checkout altogether, and would rather shop at other stores where it is not mandatory.

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Online Shopping as an Alternative

In response to the support and comments from other dissatisfied customers, the woman expresses her deeper frustration with the self-checkout system. She reveals that she often resorts to for food online because of the difficulties she encounters with self-checkout machines in-store.

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