Why Salma Hayek’s Graying Hair Sparks a Heated Debate!

Recently, Salma Hayek offered her followers a candid, behind-the-scenes glimpse of her daily routine.

The actress shared a video of herself preparing for the day, discussing an issue many can relate to – graying hair. Not one to shy away from revealing her secrets, she showed how she sometimes uses mascara to conceal some of her gray strands. An interesting point she brought up during her chat is that the gray hair isn't bothersome to her; rather it's her co-workers who occasionally express concerns over it.

Plenty of Reactions to Hayek’s Video

The video unsurprisingly sparked a flurry of comments. Notably, fellow actress Eva Mendes chimed in, calling Hayek the most beautiful woman in the world. Admirers of Hayek left numerous comments, openly appreciating her beauty and expressing empathy for her stressful situation.

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Other Recent Appearances of Hayek

Hitting on the topic of recent appearances, Hayek has been quite active on her . Among her shared snapshots, were delighted to see the actress stuck in a traffic jam in Milan during fashion week. Dressed in a carmine leather jacket, complemented by a tan top and matching skirt, she looked effortlessly chic while seated in the backseat of her car.

Hayek’s Stunning Appearances at Events

Hayek has always been known for her impeccable red carpet . Recalling her appearances in 2023, she was spotted at a glamorous hotel party in December, where she dazzled in a form-fitting gown. This sighting came shortly after she turned heads at the Baby2Baby Gala in Los Angeles, where she wowed in a figure-hugging green dress.

Whether sharing candid moments of her day-to-day life or stunning onlookers at high-profile events, Hayek continues to captivate attention in her own unique way.

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