Warning: Why this New York Pharmacy Closure Could Be a Disaster for Locals

There is a struggle underway in New York to save a local Rite Aid pharmacy in Buffalo from imminent .

According to information gleaned from bankruptcy documents, the Rite Aid pharmacy located at the intersection of Bailey and East Delavan Avenue is one of the 12 locations in the city scheduled to shut their doors in the coming year. The closure of this particular branch implies a significant inconvenience for nearby residents, as the closest pharmacy will then be a lengthy 25-minute drive away.

In a move to prevent the closure, New York Attorney General Letitia James lodged an objection with the state bankruptcy court. The store's shutdown would place an undue burden on the remaining facilities, stretching their capacity to cater to community needs.

Rite Aid’s Struggles

In addition to the Attorney General's objection, she also criticizes Rite Aid for their lack of clarity regarding their decision to close these specific stores. Despite the ongoing objections, the closure of the Buffalo store appears inevitable, as “store closing” signs have been put up on the building already.

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Rite Aid announced bankruptcy under Chapter 11 in October amidst , a barrage of lawsuits, and dwindling sales. The repercussions of the bankruptcy could potentially affect its 47,000 employees and provoke the closure of 2,100 stores.

Jeffrey Stein has been appointed the new CEO and chief restructuring officer, tasked with guiding the company through the bankruptcy process. This bankruptcy filing occurs while Rite Aid is also under fire from the Department of Justice over allegations of issuing illegal opioid prescriptions, allegations that Rite Aid has vehemently denied.

Other Pharmacy Closures and Consumer Unhappiness

Pharmacy closures are not only impacting Rite Aid locations. In addition, three CVS stores situated inside outlets in the same city are expected to close soon. Meanwhile, consumers at have voiced discontent over a new policy prohibiting coupon stacking, reflecting broader concerns about changes to consumer shopping practices.

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