The Secret New Year Celebration of Kourtney Kardashian

began the New Year with an intimate gathering at her lavish million residence.

Marking 2024's arrival, the event was attended by a select group of around 10 guests.

The ambiance was set by the decor which featured vibrantly lit candles, an assortment of party hats, 2024-marked glasses, and playful whistles. Kourtney ensured the tableware added a distinctive touch by choosing black and white pieces adorned with a heart and cross design in the center.

Images from the celebration showcased Kourtney alongside her musician husband and their infant, Rocky. In one particularly tender moment, Kourtney was captured breastfeeding Rocky, an image that proceeded to generate extensive digital visibility. Further pictures depicted , the doting father, cradling and sharing a sweet kiss with young Rocky.

Following the event, the couple was the recipient of numerous congratulatory messages from their who expressed their deep adoration for the Kardashian-Barker clan.

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In terms of her ensemble, Kourtney opted for a black fur coat styled as a dress, paired with sheer black stockings, a choice that was on point for the celebration. The reality star shared her joy on with the caption, “Mom and Dad's night out”. The post was met with an influx of positive comments from fans who praised the pair's evident love for each other and complimented Kourtney's post-baby appearance.

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