Shocking Health Struggles of Talk Show Host Wendy Williams

, a notorious talk show host, has had her share of health battles for nearly two decades. With her show ending and her health in question, let's delve into the trials she's faced and how she's dealing with them.

A Struggle of Two Decades

Wendy was first diagnosed with Graves' disease and hyperthyroidism 19 years ago, marking the start of a long journey of health struggles. In May 2021, her health concerns surrounding these two conditions led her to take a break from her talk show. The health battles did not end there; she's also been fighting against Covid, and it remains unclear whether she'll make her way back to the small screen this year.

The End of an Era

The Wendy Williams Show, which was on air for over a decade, officially ended on June 17, 2022. The show was a staple for many, but Wendy's health issues inevitably led to its conclusion. In addition to dealing with Graves' disease, hyperthyroidism and Covid, Wendy has faced a string of health problems over the years. These range from fainting on live TV and flu-like symptoms to bone fractures, Lymphedema, and struggles with alcohol and pill abuse.

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Steps to Recovery

In September 2022, Wendy took a proactive step towards managing her health by checking into a wellness facility. The following year, in 2023, she made a geographical change by moving to Florida. The aim of this move was not only to recover but also to be closer to her during these challenging times.

A Documentary in the Works

Despite her health issues, Wendy's life is still of great interest to the public. A documentary about her was scheduled to premiere on Lifetime at the end of February 2024. But, not long after its release, the trailer was pulled. The reasons for this are yet to be disclosed.

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