Revealed: The jaw-dropping price of the most expensive Barbie!

Have you ever wondered which are the most valuable? A study reveals that the most expensive one is nearly worth a staggering ,000.

Barbie dolls were first brought to life in 1959 by the businesswoman Ruth Handler. She originally designed the iconic doll for her daughter, Barbara. The Barbie doll production was later taken over by the toy company Mattel, co-formed by Ruth and her husband Elliot.

From 1959 to date, almost 170 variations of Barbie have graced the toy market. Many of these dolls have gradually accumulated a high monetary value over the years.

Now, let's dive into the five most valuable Barbies as identified in a recent study by

The Original Barbie (#1)

The blonde-haired doll that kick-started it all. Dressed in a black and white striped swimsuit, black heels, sunglasses, and hooped earrings. Originally sold in 1959 for just .00, it has since escalated in value to an extraordinary ,450.

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The Dahlia Barbie

Introduced in 2006, this doll wears a striking long black floral ball gown, accented by long white gloves. She also dons red hair, and presently worth an approximate ,423.

Golden Gala Barbie

Released in 2009, this edition came in two versions – one featuring a woman of color and the other, caucasian. Both dolls are dressed in a golden jacket and dress, completed with long white gloves. The worth of this doll currently stands at around ,451.

Happy Holidays Barbie

Launched in 1997, this doll adorns blue eyes and brunette hair. She wears a flowing white and red dress and is typically resold at a price point around ,201.

City Smart Barbie

The 2003 edition Barbie looks chic in a slim black dress, a black handbag, and a beige sunhat with a black ribbon. Today, this doll is valued at a resale price of ,151.

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