Khloe Kardashian Spotted in See-Through Bikini in Winter!

, a popular television personality, recently created a stir with her choice of attire in Aspen. Raising eyebrows, she was spotted in a nearly-transparent Gucci bikini, despite the cold weather.

The Bikini

The unique swimwear that she wore has a price tag of . It's a standout piece from Gucci, displaying the iconic interlocking G pattern, a symbol that's immediately recognized as representative of the fashion house.

The Fur Controversy

Adding to the attention, Kardashian teamed the bikini with a fur coat and hat, sparking . The main question from was whether the fur used in the clothing items was real. This concern stems from the fact that in 2008, Kardashian had taken part in a naked campaign for PETA, protesting against the use of real fur.

Although she had vowed not to wear fur following that campaign, Kardashian has yet to verify whether the fur she recently sported was real or synthetic.

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Plastic Surgery Speculations

Accusations did not stop at her choice of apparel. She was also accused of showing her actual nose, following her past admissions of undergoing . Critics noticed a difference in her nose's appearance, leading to speculations that she might be posing in specific ways to conceal it.

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