Is the Silence of Gwen Stefani About Blake’s New Bar a Sign of Marriage Trouble?

Blake Shelton has recently unveiled his new bar in Las Vegas, Ole Red, while his wife Gwen Stefani, 54, seems to be keeping busy with other engagements, such as her upcoming gig. Her silence on Blake's endeavour has raised eyebrows, sparking about the state of their .

A Silent Stefani Amidst Rumors

The noticeable lack of support from Stefani for Shelton's new bar, coupled with about their relationship troubles, has caught the attention of and media alike. Shelton, 47, and Stefani married just last year, in July 2021, after meeting in 2014. Recently however, they have been spending an increasing amount of time apart.

Stirrings of a Split

Whispers of a rift between the couple intensified after Stefani deleted all photos of Shelton from her social media accounts in late December. A source close to the couple has suggested that disagreements over career decisions, parenting, and where they should live have put a strain on their relationship.

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Shelton’s New Venture

Meanwhile, Shelton has been focusing on his newly opened Las Vegas bar. He even shared a photo of a cheeky sign in the bar that reads “Kiss my country a**,” indicating a playful and bold attitude towards his new venture.

Stefani’s Independent Pursuits

On the other hand, Stefani has been channeling her energy into her individual professional pursuits. This includes an eagerly anticipated performance at the upcoming Super Bowl, where she is set to dazzle the crowd with her music.

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