Is Target About to Change the Game with Project Trident?

Target is all set to revolutionize the experience for its customers by introducing a new membership program later this year, currently code-named Project Trident.

A Welcome Addition: Shipt

Target's proposed membership scheme could incorporate the grocery delivery service, Shipt, which they acquired in 2017. This potential inclusion will surely enhance the convenience factor for the customers.

Member Perks Galore

Members can look forward to enjoying a host of perks. One of the potential rewards is a 1% cash back on all purchases. This could be further escalated to a rewarding 5% for those using Target's Red Card.

Combatting the Competition

This strategic move is designed to tackle the stiff competition posed by similar memberships offered by Sam's Club, , and . Each of these competitors provides a range of benefits to their annual members, be it free shipping, exclusive discounts, or additional services.

  • For instance, for per year, Sam's Club members enjoy free shipping, free curbside pickup, and discounts at their pharmacy and optical sections.
  • Costco's annual membership offers extras such as discounted car rentals and holidays, technical support for items purchased at Costco, and even car insurance.
  • Walmart, with its annual Walmart+ membership, provides free grocery delivery, no minimum purchase for free shipping, fuel savings at certain locations, and a Paramount+ subscription.
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Boosting Revenue and Loyalty

In a period marked by a sales slump due to consumer pullback, Target is hopeful that the proposed membership program can bolster both the revenue and customer loyalty. Considering the company's stock has dipped by 18% over the last year, this move is aimed at regaining the lost ground by increasing the revenue stream and retaining customers.

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