Is Kohl’s Cash a Deceptive Marketing Strategy? Uncover the Truth!

A shopper has recently taken a stand against the Kohl's Cash rewards program, arguing that it's a clever marketing strategy to urge customers to spend more than they initially intend to.

Kohl’s Cash: Is it Really a Bargain?

According to this critic, Kohl's manipulates prices of their products higher, and then provides discounts and coupons to create an illusion of bargain deals. In reality, you might not be saving as much as you think.

The catch is in how Kohl's Cash is calculated. For every spent, you earn in Kohl's cash, but the catch is that this is calculated based on the total amount spent after applying any discounts and before tax.

Double Discounts: A Winning Strategy?

The company lures customers in by suggesting that they can combine their Kohl's coupons with other deals and offers for maximum savings. This could potentially lead to customers spending more than they had planned to initially.

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Public Reaction to Critic’s Claims

A video posted by the critic on the subject has received mixed responses. Some viewers agree with the , stating that Kohl's sales rarely coincide with Kohl's Cash and that most coupons are not valid on popular brands.

On the flip side, some customers defend the retailer, claiming that this is standard practice in the industry. They argue that there are still great deals to be discovered at Kohl's, especially in the clearance section.

Repercussions of the Kohl’s Cash Program

There have been instances where customers have reported spending more than they had initially planned due to the Kohl's Cash program. This gives credence to the critic's that the program tricks customers into spending more.

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