Is Justin Bieber’s Marriage in Trouble? Here’s the Unsaid Truth

In the realm of , there is never a dull moment. Lately, has been rife about the state of Justin and 's marriage, following some unusual interactions on Instagram.

The Instagram Interactions

Justin Bieber's activity on the social media platform has been the subject of much discussion, particularly his penchant for liking posts by other notable figures. A recent liking spree included a promotional video for Rihanna's lingerie brand, Savage X Fenty, which led to an surge in speculation over the Biebers' marriage. This is not the first time Justin's social media fandom for female stars has raised eyebrows.

Justin’s Past with Rihanna

Interestingly, Justin confessed to being smitten with Rihanna back in 2011 during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres. He was a mere 15 years old at the time and not shy about pursuing the older star. This past history, combined with his recent social media activity, has certainly set tongues wagging.

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Ignored on Social Media?

Fans have also pointed out that Justin seems to have been neglecting his wife on social media. The singer notably failed to like Hailey's birthday post for him, which did not go unnoticed by concerned followers.

History of the Bieber Marriage

Justin and Hailey first crossed paths in 2009 and began an on-and-off dating cycle. They made their relationship official in 2016 though not exclusively. Following a breakup, Justin briefly dated Selena Gomez, but they parted ways in May 2018. A month later, Justin and Hailey rekindled their relationship and announced their engagement in July. By September 2018, they were married in a New York City courthouse, with Hailey subsequently adopting the Bieber surname.

Rumours and Reassurances

Despite the media frenzy, Hailey has steadfastly denied any rumors of a looming . Her father, Stephen Baldwin, has also joined the chorus, requesting fans to pray for the couple in an Instagram video. Nevertheless, recent sightings of Justin without Hailey and the couple's unusual behavior during a date night in Los Angeles have added more grist to the rumor mill.

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Hailey’s Style Nod to Rihanna

Adding another layer of intrigue, Hailey recently acknowledged that she often looks to Rihanna for inspiration. Given Rihanna's status as Justin's long-standing crush, this revelation has been viewed by some as more fodder for the ongoing speculation about the state of their marriage.

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