Get Your Hands on this Rare Spider-Man Collectible Now!

Spider-Man continues to expand its influence across different mediums such as comics, movies, and toy . eBay recently listed an 18-inch super poseable Spider-Man action figure at a discounted price of , which is 15% less than its original price.

Reputation of the Spider-Man Action Figure

With a high rating of 4.7 out of five stars, the action figure holds a reputation for its excellent quality and durability. One of the most significant features is the 67 points of articulation, as pointed out by Melissa (@flyingdownthe10) in her TikTok video showcasing the figure.

Availability and Rarity of Spider-Man Collectibles

Despite being released 19 years ago, this collectible figure remains available for purchase on eBay. Spider-Man collectibles are known for their value; an example is a rare Funko Pop toy valued at a whopping ,000.

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Spider-Man’s Origin and Expansions

Spider-Man made his first comic book appearance in 1962 in The Amazing Fantasy No. 15. Since then, Spider-Man did not just stick to comic books but also made its mark in movies and even crossed-over to . One of its notable collaborations includes a Spider-Man comic book with popular rapper, Eminem.

Spider-Man Action Figure Deal

Not just on eBay, the action figure has its deal going on at Target as well. The deals are attracting and collectors alike to grab their own Spider-Man action figure.

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