Frightening Incident Forces Country Music Star’s Plane to Land!

Renowned country entertainer Jelly Roll and his wife, Bunnie XO, were recently involved in a nerve-racking incident. Their private plane was forced to make an “emergency landing” due to a computer system malfunction, a circumstance stunningly documented by Bunnie in a post.

The Event

The private aircraft carrying the couple experienced a sudden “stop mid-air”. The obstacle? A glitch with the plane's computer system. Despite the unforeseen hiccup, the pilot succeeded in controlling the situation. He managed to pacify the possibly frightened passengers and skillfully landed the airplane, averting a major crisis.

Jelly Roll's Reaction

Embracing his trademark humor, Jelly Roll lightened the tense mood with a jest, “at least it wasn't the brakes.” Following the hair-raising adventure, the group was able to reboard the plane.

Onward to the Event

They continued their journey and safely arrived at Austin, Texas, in time for the CMT Awards. Jelly Roll was not only scheduled to perform at the awards ceremony but was also the proud nominee for three awards.

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A Look at Jelly Roll's Musical Journey

Jelly Roll has been married to Bunnie since 2016 and has enjoyed a thriving , spanning across both hip hop and genres. His collaboration with Lil Wyte in 2010, titled Pop Another Pill, generated over 6.3 million views on YouTube.

Over his impressive , Jelly Roll has produced numerous mixtapes and launched a solo album. Bringing his incredible talent to the country music genre, his song, Son of a Sinner, released in 2021, is considered among his top creations till date.

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