Discover Why Kanye West Is Always Dressed In Black!

and Kim Kardashian, along with their eldest child North, recently had a somewhat awkward family meal in the sunny coast of Malibu.

West’s Commitment to His Children

The rapper, Kanye West, is putting his focus on his children's welfare. Despite his busy schedule and tumultuous personal life, Kanye is standing firm on his commitment to make his offspring a top priority. The family, containing four children named North, Saint, 8, Chicago, 6, and Psalm, 4, had been under joint custody, awarded to Kanye. Although he had previously expressed dissatisfaction with the limited amount of time he spent with the children, since his return from a foreign trip, his interaction with his children has been noticeably more frequent.

The Delayed Release

In the professional realm, Kanye's music release with Ty Dollar , that was supposed to hit the charts on February 9, has faced delays more than once. The multiple pushbacks have created some anticipation and curiosity among and the music community at large.

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The Family Meal in Malibu

The undercurrents of the family situation were evident when Kanye, Kim, and North were spotted having a meal together in Malibu. Kanye was seen in a full black ensemble; a leather bomber jacket, dark jeans, combat boots and even his face was covered with a hosiery mask. On the other hand, Kim was seen in a laid-back outfit, sporting a short blue tube top paired with fuzzy black pants and an eccentric Balenciaga clutch purse, resembling a crystal stiletto shoe.

Fans Speculations about Kanye’s New Look

Kanye's of covering his face has been a topic of discussion among fans. He was also seen wearing a similar skintight black ski mask at Charlie Wilson's Walk of Fame ceremony. This resulted in speculations among the fans on , with some suggesting the possibility of him using a body double.

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