Discover Trader Joe’s New Game-Changing Vanilla Bean Paste Variant!

A new buzz is stirring among Trader Joe's loyal shoppers with the recent discovery of a new variant of vanilla bean paste, shared on the subreddit r/traderjoes.

The excitement revolves around a bourbon vanilla bean paste variant spotted by an eagle-eyed user. Shoppers are thrilled not only about the novelty of the product, but also about the value it offers. This bourbon vanilla bean paste variant is sold at the same price as the regular vanilla bean paste, but the jar is twice as big. A 4-ounce jar of this aromatic paste costs only .99, compared to the original vanilla bean paste which comes in a 2-ounce jar for the same price.

The Origin of the Paste

The vanilla bean paste is produced by a supplier based in Mauritius. The beans used are 100% Bourbon vanilla beans grown in the Bourbon Islands, located in the Indian Ocean. This exotic origin contributes to the superior quality of the paste.

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The Taste and Use

What is really special about this paste is its flavor profile. It adds a well-rounded sweetness and a deep, full-bodied vanilla flavor to various dishes. The paste can be used as a 1:1 substitute to vanilla extract, making it versatile and easy to incorporate into recipes.

How to Use Bourbon Vanilla Bean Paste?

Although there is a lot of enthusiasm around this product, some shoppers are unsure about how to use it. A helpful Reddit user explained that this paste can be used in the same way as vanilla extract, in baked goods, buttercream, whipping cream, and even in French toast.

What Does “Bourbon” Mean?

There appears to be confusion among customers about the term “bourbon” in the product name. The term does not refer to the alcoholic beverage, but is actually a geographic reference to the origin of the vanilla beans. Hence, customers can enjoy this vanilla bean paste even if they do not consume alcohol.

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