Discover the Shocking Reason Behind MatPat’s YouTube Retirement

Welcome to the fascinating world of Matthew Robert Patrick, widely known as MatPat, a charismatic American YouTube star and internet idol.

With him on the helm, his YouTube channel has amassed a considerable following of 18.4 million subscribers and an impressive 3.97 billion views, all generated from merely 666 videos.

MatPat’s Youtube Journey

The dynamism and of MatPat were evident in his expansion strategies. He ventured beyond his original channel and launched a series of spin-off shows. “Film Theory” kicked off in 2014, followed by “Food Theory” in 2020, and finally, “ Theory” made its debut in 2023.

However, taking the online community by storm, MatPat announced his retirement from YouTube on the 9th of January, 2024. He planned to renounce his YouTube duties by the 9th of March, 2024, seeking to dedicate more time to his life.

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Stephanie Patrick: MatPat’s Better Half

On the personal front, MatPat is married to Stephanie Patrick. Known to the online world as CordyPatrick, Stephanie too is a significant presence on YouTube. Their paths crossed at Duke University, and they got married on the 19th of May, 2012.

Stephanie doesn't just share MatPat's life; she also shares his passion for content creation. She graces MatPat's channels with her appearances and also contributes behind the scenes as a writer.

The Patrick Family

Their love story was further blessed with the birth of their son in July 2012. The Patricks, despite their hectic professional lives, make every effort to enjoy their personal lives to the fullest. Their son's birth added a new chapter to their life, making their family complete.

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