Discover the Shocking Price for a Selfie with Alyssa Milano

One of the highlights of '90s Con this year was the presence of Alyssa Milano, who devoted her time to mingling with and signing autographs.

On Saturday, March 16, Alyssa was at the convention throughout the day. Her main activities were taking photographs and signing autographs, rather than participating in the panels. She also made an appearance on the following day. Throughout the convention, Alyssa had a lengthy line of eager fans waiting for her. She was committed to staying longer, making sure she could meet as many fans as possible. This dedication led to some fans reportedly waiting up to two hours to meet her, even those who had pre-booked.

The convention provided a lucrative opportunity for the stars in attendance. For fans who hadn't pre-paid online, the charges were as follows:

  • Selfie with Alyssa:
  • Professional photo:
  • Autograph:
  • Selfie and autograph bundle:

One notable hiccup of the event was that several ATMs at the venue ran out of cash, leaving some fans disappointed. Despite this hitch, Milano's visit was largely considered a success. She later shared a video on featuring fan , expressing her gratitude for their unwavering support.

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Alyssa Milano, also known as Alyssa Bugliari after her , made headlines in May 2023 when she launched a GoFundMe campaign. The objective was to raise money for her son's baseball team. Despite her impressive of an estimated million, she requested donations. This move sparked outrage among some of her followers. However, she justified her actions, claiming that she used her funds for team uniforms, birthday parties, and to cover monthly dues for any child who was unable to afford them. The campaign was successful, raising over ,000, exceeding its ,000 goal.

It's worth noting that other stars at the convention also asked for cash in exchange for selfies and autographs. For instance, Geena and Susan requested for a professional photo, for a joint photo, for an autograph, and for a premium autograph. Unfortunately, some fans were dissatisfied with the limited interaction they had with Geena and Susan. One fan claimed to have requested a refund after parting with for a photograph.

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