Discover How a Simple Michigan Woman Became a Lottery Millionaire!

A woman from Lansing, Michigan recently counted herself among the lucky few who have won a . Striking rich on January 31, she claimed a gigantic .1 million prize.

The Winning Numbers

She won with the numbers 03-05-07-16-19-30. Not randomly chosen, the woman is known for playing the same set of numbers week after week. As she prefers to keep her identity hidden, the name of this fortunate Michigan resident remains a secret.

Lump Sum vs Annuity Payments

The woman opted for a payment, shunning the traditional annuity or spaced-out payments. This choice resulted in her winnings being cut in half. Thus, after taxes, she took home ,000, a significant sum nonetheless.

Plans for the Prize Money

With a generous heart, she plans to donate part of her prize to charity, keeping the rest for herself. This act of kindness resonates with many who dream of such a windfall.

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Similar Case in Massachusetts

Interestingly, there is a recorded case of a Massachusetts resident, Lucio Tedesco, who had a similar experience. He also opted for a lump sum payment when he won million. Tedesco received about ,000 before taxes, showing that not choosing annuity payments often results in a loss of money because of federal and state taxes on the total cash prize.

It's worth noting that in Massachusetts there is a 5% deduction on top of a 24% federal tax on lottery winnings. This explains why opting for the lump sum payment might result in receiving less than the headline prize amount.

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